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We custom cut to your specifications, table tops have many different colors and sizes we match custom edge work, thickness and color. You don’t have to settle for ordinary glass table tops.Take a look around your home to see where you could use a custom glass table top.Glass tables can be used in living rooms, bedrooms and even outside patios.Free delivery for any purchase over $100.00.

Sliding Glass Door Repair

imagesS0B572AI.jpgWe repair sliding glass doors and hardware. We service rollers, locks and handles.We have 1/8, 1/4 single pane tempered and Low Energy insulated and clear over clear all in stock. We don’t just claim to provide quality to our customers we back it up with a written warranty and customer satisfaction.

Double pane glass repair

double-pane1.jpgInsulated glass units last for a very long time, but the seal between the two panes of glass some times do fail. This causes the inner surface between the two pieces of glass to fog up. This of course does not look good but more importantly an insulated unit with a broken seal looses its insulating properties and temperature transfer between the two sides of the glass happens more readily. If this happens, in most cases only the glass portion of the window can be changed, leaving the frame intact. All insulated unit have a 7 year warranty.

Bathroom Mirrors

bathroom-mirror.jpg When you are remodeling your bathroom custom vanity mirrors brings your bathroom to a whole new level. We offer custom cut mirrors to your specifications we also will give a free estimate within 15 miles from are shops location.You as a customer might want to add a beveled edge to your mirror or a cut out for your electrical outlet or a simple j mold trim around your mirror we are here to help you .If our customers just need the mirror only with no installation we offer free delivery over a $100.00 dollar purchase.