Double Pane

Low-Energy Glass

Double Pane

Low-Energy Glass

A double pane window, also known as an Insulated Glass Unit or IGU, is a window with two panes of glass separated by a vacuum or gas.

Twice as efficient as a single pane window, IGUs are designed to reduce both energy loss and outside noise like street traffic, keeping your home warm in winter, cool in summer and quieter all year long.

Homeowners who opt to build new construction homes with double pane windows or replace single pane windows in existing structures experience many benefits immediately after installation. These benefits are seen to varying degrees based on the number of windows replaced and other energy saving measures employed.


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Double Pane Low-Energy Glass



If one or both panes of your double pane window are showing signs of age or disrepair, it’s time to consider replacing an individual pane or the entire window. The experts at B&B Glass are here to give you step-by-step instructions for both processes.

To replace an entire window:

The old window must be removed in its entirety (including casing, trim and sill plate).
Prepare the space for a new window
Clean the opening and remove any dirt or debris
Repair or replace any damaged lumber or material
Ensure the opening is level and square
Remove any siding or resize the opening to accommodate the size of the new window
Install the window using the manufacturer recommended hardware and adjust the fit with shims until sit is plumb and square.
Finally, add spray or traditional insulation to any gap surrounding the window frame. Replace any siding, trim or casing.

No Time to Replace Your Window Panes?

No worries. Count on B&B Glass to replace the glass of outdated units. You can always count on Glass Doctor to deliver a premium customer service. Contact a team member today to discover the difference double pane windows can make in your space.

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